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Mike Stafford
I used to use frequently and will still pull this negative rake scraper out of my bag of tricks. I learned how to make this tool from Alan Leland. It is nothing more than a thick negative rake scraper with the tip radiused from the left side to the right. About 1/8" of the cutting edge is left straight before the radius starts.

It is also relieved along the left side of the tool from the point where the cutting edge begins to allow it to be inserted into a straight sided box to cut a flat bottom. By relieving the area below where the cutting edge starts the user is allowed to cut very close to the center line inside of a box without the wood pushing the tool away.

By reducing the actual width of the cutting edge it is possible to push the tool straight into the wood and then sweep it from left to right to get a flat bottom inside of a box. It is very effective when using it to flatten the surface of a platter as well as long as the user has good tool control.

I have made these from 1/4" square and 3/8" square high speed steel blanks. My favorite tool is made from a 3/8" thick and 1/2" wide high speed steel blank using the same configuration. It is very effective if one has to reach far over the tool rest for deep hollowing.
Radiused grind

Left side view showing relief below cutting edge

Right side edge of tool

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