Re: Bench Grinders, High /Low/Variable Speed

Reed Gray
Agreed! The old no name grinders would come up to speed eventually, and they do seem to keep on going. The 1/2 hp Rikon is a bit under powered, and it works, but I would much rather have over built than under built or just adequate. The 1/2 hp Rikon has been out long enough that if there was a serious issue with it wearing out faster because the wheels are heavier than they grinder should be handling, there would be a lot of chat about it. I have 2 of the 1 hp Rikon grinders. They come up to speed as fast as my 3/4 hp Baldor grinders. They do take longer to wind down, but that is not really an issue. For the price, it is a good deal. Yes, the wheels from Ken are lighter than the D Way ones, or the Cuttermaster ones, or Optigrind, but still, as a production turner, I don't want to wait for the grinder to come up to speed.

robo hippy

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