Re: Sharpening jig alternative *PIC*

John K Jordan
>>>A long while back, I bought a Oneway sharpening system w/ a Vari-grind jig. I have been "reasonably happy with it" - but it isn't the best for skews. I usually sharpen those by hand. For gouges, bedans, and parting tools - I use the Oneway.

Are you considering getting the jig just for the skews, or to replace the Vari-grind? In "reasonably" happy, is there specifically something you're not happy with?

I also sharpen all my skew chisels by hand with a 600 grit CBN wheel and a simple flat platform. When I first got the Tormek I used their skew chisel jig but it was frustrating - so much easier and quicker to sharpen by hand. (I also use the platform for all my scrapers and parting tools.) I'd personally just stick with the Oneway and the platform for the skews and such.

Since setting the precise angle of the the platform sometimes takes longer than the sharpening, I make these from plexiglass for the various grind angles:


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