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Wood cracks because the outside is drying faster than the inside.

A rather dramatic example I had of that was on a completely dry and finished turned bowl I was using a waterborn poly and had slopped some onto the inside (it was a largish (_) shaped bowl) and it immediately started making some rather loud "wood movement" noises from the moisture delta on the inside. Thinking quickly I slopped more on the outside which balanced the movement and it all stopped. As far as I know the bowl has since been entirely stable for 6-7 years.

On the other hand, what was planned to be a once turned piece I did recently in the ~6" sized range I had taken out of the plastic bag + shavings to let some moisture flash off and avoid mold problems (its VERY dry where I am so paper doesn't seem to slow things down enough, especially for the first week or three). It very quickly started forming cracks on the INSIDE on both end walls which was a new thing to me. There was zero evidence of any telegraphing through to the outside even though the piece is relatively thin (evenly a smidge under 1/4"). Generally I'd consider the interior end grain parts in particular to be under compression as it dries but apparenlty not in this case... I've slathered those bits with white glue inside and out in an attempt to save it but it might be firewood.. we'll see.

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