Using Hunter #5 inside
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John K Jordan
>>> I had the hunter skewed counterclockwise and tried to keep it horizontal, may have dipped a time or two

One thing is not clear to me when you say you "had the Hunter skewed counterclockwise and tried to keep it horizontal". I use the #5 tool such that the cutter itself is not horizontal, that is flat, as if you removed the cutter and laid it on the table.

I rotate the cutter by holding the handle close to horizontal on the rest and rotate/twist the handle counterclockwise around it's long axis. Then swing the tool inside as needed to contact the wood. The cutting edge is then angled down a bit where it touches the wood.

Regardless of the handle position keep the cutter at center or above. If the cutter is horizontal it can be instantly forced downward and the catch can be dramatic. I did that once. Now I use a Sharpie to draw a red line on the top of the shaft so I can see and be sure of how much I've rotated the cutter.


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