Re: 1st twice turned bowl

john lucas
Cracking is something you have to learn to get around. Each person discovers a method that works in their environment. Wood cracks because the outside is drying faster than the inside. When wood dries it shrinks. If the outside dries and shrinks and the inside doesn't you get cracks. Wood releases moisture from the end grain faster than the side grain. So my solution is to do a couple of things. First of all is to make the bowls the same thickness through out including the bottom. The bottom doesn't move as much so you won't need to remove as much wood when second turning so you can get buy with leaving the tenon and the bottom about as thick as the sides. I coat all the end grain areas with anchorseal or some other sealant. Latex paint works if you put several coats on. I also use melted candle or canning wax. I don't leave any sharp corners on the lips and if I leave one on the tenon I coat the entire tenon with Anchorseal. Then I put the bowl in a paper sack. The sack traps the moisture that is released and slows down the evaporation rate. It also keeps air movement away which also slows down the drying. That's what has worked the best for me. also if you new at turning your probably a lot slower than I am at roughing the bowl. The outside can start to dry while your turning the inside. spray it occasionally with water from a spray bottle to keep it moist.

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