1st twice turned bowl *PIC*

A couple years back a neighbor had some big trees removed and I got some of the wood, having just got my lathe I tried my hand at roughing some bowls. It turns out a lot of the wood was pretty punky and the water content was really high (was soaked head to toe after turning.) I tried a few different methods of drying them but lost a lot from cracking and, I suspect, being too thick. This one had some cracks but they didn't go all the way through so at the last second I decided not to toss it in the burn pile and chucked it into the lathe. This is officially the 1st bowl I've made from twice turning, not the prettiest as there was some tear out that I could not remedy and I wish I had gone a bit deeper inside (used a recessed hole for my chuck, not realizing that a male tenon is better due to strength and cracking so I wasn't sure how deep I could go and left it conservatively thick...) My wife and her friends are happy with it so I count it as a win.

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