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John K Jordan
>>>Does anyone out there have both the Quasar and Super Nova from Wood Turners Wonders and care to give a reason that one is better than the other? I am getting ready to purchase another lamp for my lathe and see WTW has two fairly comparable lamps...the Super Nova and the Quasar. Price is the same, one has a heavy duty shaft, the other has more led bulbs, more lumens and higher color temp. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I think I have seven of the WTW Super Nova lamps, one on each lathe, at bandsaw, sharpening, drill press, milling machine, one to carry to demos. I have been happy with these. I even use one as a highlight lamp in my photo setup since the light is even and the color temperature is identical to my photo bulbs.

I don't have a Quasar but I looked at one at a symposium, partially because it has the switch on the back instead of the side. I compared it side-by-side to the Super Nova while considering buying one to bring home to test.

I did NOT like the light from the Quasar and won't buy one for that reason. I didn't use a color meter or even a light meter but my unscientific snap judgement was the color looked more "off" than the color of an incandescent at the given color temperature. Also, the light looked significantly less bright than the Super Nova. The switch position is nice though!

More LEDs: not necessarily better! For example, at some point WTW "upgraded" their cheap little Galaxy lamp to one with more LEDs. I compared an old one to a new one. According to my light meter the new one with more LEDS had less light output than the older one.


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