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GaryG in MD
First, let me say a sincere "thank you" to you all, for the time and experience you put into your replies. I have to admit this is much more really-good info than I expected to receive. Kudos y'all. I've got a lot on my plate right now -- deliverables due and a trip coming up, so I've got to get my nose to the stone -- so I won't be able to respond to each of you individually, but please be assured that I read them all carefully and intend to copy them all into a Word document for my future "memory". I may even put them into a future newsletter as a "YMMV" article, but if I do, I'll ask your individual permissions. Dennis and I did that once to very good effect with his "successive approximations" sphere-turning method.

Second, I am very encouraged to learn that I can do the fuming with the household product. I'll go right out and buy a new bottle and give it a try. That's the best of all worlds -- cheap, quick, simple, and hopefully effective.

Thanks too, for all your thoughtful caveats and concerns about possible variations in results -- just the kinds of things I wanted and needed to hear.

I feel comfortable that I'm going to get an "interesting" positive result, and one that I expect to be able to appreciate.

Dennis, thanks for the photos -- at a thousand words apiece, that's quite a treatise! I wish I had known this about cherry a year ago -- I went to a lot of trouble darkening a box lid by other means, and this would have been SO much easier! Live and learn.

I'll be sure to post the results when I get a chance -- but it might be a few weeks, given my other responsibilities. (...sigh..., life sure does get in the way some times.)


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