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John K Jordan
>>>Is there such a thing as a "normal" #1 set of jaws that covers my desired range?
If so, who makes them and where can I find them?


I have no idea what #1 and #2 jaws are. I don't see where you said what kind of chucks you use.

I use Nova chucks and have nineteen chucks at the moment with a variety of Nova jaws mounted so I don't have to change jaws. I keep multiple chucks with the jaws I use the most. I haven't found anything yet that won't fit in one set or another but I can't recommend specific jaws unless you use Nova chucks. I don't think Teknatool/Nova labels jaws as #1, #2, #3, etc.

I do have pin jaws I use a lot but they are not long. I use Nova's 25mm, 35mm and 45mm jaws a lot as well for smaller tenons. I don't know if all chuck brands are the same but the range of the jaws differs slightly depending on the chuck model since the slides open a bit further on some. (I have some of the G3, SN, SN2, and Titan chucks, mostly use the SN2) When turning something with a tenon I turn the tenon to fit the jaws I want to use since I want it to fit very close to the closed diameter for the most secure grip.

What kinds of things do you mostly turn and what brand of jaws?


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