I do not claim to be an expert...

GaryG in MD
...but I have paid attention to many lists of wood allergies and sensitivities over the years and have published a number of them in our newsletter.

I had a reaction once, so I do pay attention. (The wood was sold to me as "padauk", but it was really a rosewood.) I will NOT even think of turning cocobolo. "Either you are or you will be." I once had a picnic in a patch of poison ivy. I wasn't. Then I was. I understand sensitizers!

IMO, this is by far the "best" by my definition:

I have checked my old lists and this link and haven't come up with much for laurel except the above makes a note that Indian Laurel can be a rare skin irritant.

I would take reasonable precautions but wouldn't be overly concerned. There are many things out there that you should watch out for. Read thru the list(s) to become aware of the real baddies. ...GG

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