Even leave hoe out in the rain?

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Or a shovel, or any other wood handled tool? A few wet dry cycles and the wood delaminates at the growth rings. I suspect the dry/wet cycles accomplished the same thing. Some time during this course of events the outside was bone dry and the middle still wet. The outside was trying its best to shrink but the inside would not let it. The stress simply fractured the outside along the weak rays of the wood. Happens all too often drying oak (weak rays that easily fracture under stress) if the schedule is too aggressive. 60 microwave cycles was certainly aggressive.

Personally, I have seen a lot of cherry sawed and never seen shake in cherry. The heartwood of cherry is usually fractured but this is not the same phenomena as the ring shake common in hickory or hemolck, for example.

I don' t know anything about turning bowls. But end grain looses water around 10X faster than flat grain. I would think a bowl would dry sufficient in days with good circulation. The challenge would be keeping these things from drying too fast.

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