Bleached maple bowl

Mike Schwing
Hi guys. Finished this up just in time for show and tell at tomorrow's Baltimore Turning Club meeting. About 15" in diameter, this is some sort of soft maple that I think had been down for just a little bit before it was sawn. I had a hunch that it would look nice bleached and I think I was correct. This was super difficult to photograph and I didn't really do it justice, holding this in your hands it is a little confusing because it truly resembles marble/alabaster but has none of the weight you'd associate with such a material.

It was sprayed with a Krylon "matte" clear and I can tell you that it truly imparted no additional color. My logo is done on a laser engraver. I used Daly's 2 part wood bleach.

Critiquing my own work, I'm pleased with the proportions, but that first curve from the top down looks a little flat. Other opinions are welcomed and encouraged. Thanks!

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