Re: a terrible problem to have

Charlie belden
>Some suggestions, only to help prevent burning the hole in your pocket:

>- Rather than use the Foredom with a recip head, consider an Automach carver which
> with a variety of chisels will easily deplete your extra cash. Fun to use.

Have the foredom handpiece and chisels that does the same thing

> - A second Foredom is better than a second shaft and handpiece.
> I like to keep different bits ready to go. I actually have a third one,
> older, if you want it.

I’ve got a quick change handpiece along with a collet handpiece from my old jewelry making days. And being retired a doing turning is for fun, time not being money. But thanks for the offer of your old foredom.

> - Every woodturner can make good use of a Best Wood Tools carving and finishing stand.
> I use it on every bowl or platter.

Have the Trent Bosch carving stand - the one you can mount a scroll chuck that I traded for several years back and still haven’t used.

- Invest in the future. Donate a bit to Woodcentral!

> - A nice stash of premium wood.

I’ve got more wood than I’ll ever use so I’m giving the best stuff to a few luthiers and the best turners in our club. Turns out the Bradford pear tree trunk, sawn, stickers and stacked them that’s been under a tarp on my driveway for eight years made an instrument makers eyes light up

> - A Vermec sphere jig is the best available (IMO). Also good fun.

I can turn spheres without a jig - another Been There, Done That, Got The T shirt thing.

I like the idea of donating the money to WC. Been a few years since I kicked in to support this place. Will do that tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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