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John K Jordan
>>>So now I have $310 I can spend on something else. Don’t need any more turning tools, scroll chucks, jaw sets, captured hollowing systems, sharpening systems, buffer motor or buffing wheels. Maybe another flex shaft for my old Foredom and a reciprocating handpiece.
Any suggestions?

Some suggestions, only to help prevent burning the hole in your pocket:

- Rather than use the Foredom with a recip head, consider an Automach carver which with a variety of chisels will easily deplete your extra cash. Fun to use.

- A second Foredom is better than a second shaft and handpiece. I like to keep different bits ready to go. I actually have a third one, older, if you want it.

- Every woodturner can make good use of a Best Wood Tools carving and finishing stand. I use it on every bowl or platter.

- Invest in the future. Donate a bit to Woodcentral!

- A nice stash of premium wood.

- A Vermec sphere jig is the best available (IMO). Also good fun.


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