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John K Jordan
>>>what tools are you using for the finial? And if it is not too much to type, what for holding whilst turning?

I'm not Keith either but I can tell you what I use.
For turning, a 1/4" skew I made from a round rod, 3/8" spindle gouge, a 1/4" spindle gouge, 3/8" detail gouge (all Thompson) , and I forget what else.

For holding, I used to use a block held in small jaws in a chuck but recently have been using #2MT collets with a 1/2" hole. Turn a 1/2" tenon on the wood and hold in the headstock with a drawbar. Individual collets are cheap; a set is nice to have for other work too: from 1/8" to 1/2".

The collet is nice since it gives more working room close to the end without the chuck and jaws in the way. It uses a 3/8" drawbar. I got a couple from Little Machine Shop and a couple of sets from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BH5Q7GM

Some just-for-practice finials, holly and ebony.

My finials also aren't as nice as Keith's, but then I'm not Keith either!

One advantage to using a collet instead of a chuck is the work can be removed from the collet and remounted without losing registration. Can't always do that with a block in a chuck.


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