Re: Everything you need to know . . .

Don Evans
I did see that Doc, But it's not the title of the book..
Also, don't take my message as 100% it was tongue in cheek sort of.
It just seems that most of the books that are informative type books now days have that title.
A lot of the books I've ordered over the years will have titles like that and they are a long way from being informative with new information.
My last venture was in the area of airbrushing, I really knew nothing about it, so I had lot of questions pertaining to things like what do the different size needles do. Does the small needle make a finer line or the larger ones. Turns out it was the opposite of what I thought it might be, the smaller the finer line. So then, what is the smallest available. I still don't know the diffinitive answer to that but I think it is .2mm which I now have.
That is just one example of many, seems like that is something one would need to know.

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