Re: Little Harbor Freight pumps work great

Doc Green
I have a friend who has one of the HF oil-filled pumps. It does a good job. He loves it.

An oil-filled pump will typically pull a vacuum of 29+ inches of mercury. This is about 15% better than a typical dry vane pump (Gast). If you are concerned about the oil, run the exhaust through a bucket of paper towels as Dick suggested.

By all means include a vacuum gauge and a bleed valve in your system.

Vacuum chucks and rotary adapters do not have to be complicated. If you send me an email, I will tell you where you can find detailed explanations of how to build vacuum chucks and rotary adapters. If I gave it to you here, someone would accuse me of plugging my book, a description of which you can find on my website - which you can find by searching for Doc Green Woodturner. :D

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