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Craig Daymon
I can recommend the Axminster chucks sold through Lee Valley. Very well made. There are stainless steel models so you don't have to worry about rust and they accept the McDonnell jaws, which can be useful and some really beefy dovetail jaws. (I prefer dovetail to the crush jaws that Oneway promotes. Though I think they have a few of those as well.) The Evolution is nice, but the other, far less expensive models are a real bargain.

I have a Thompson 5/8" spindle gouge that is terrific. I like playing with multi-axis, like Sfirri candlesticks, and that is really solid for reaching out, making those interrupted cuts. It is also terrific for shaping the outside of bowls and hollowforms. (I saw a video of Raffan using a heavy spindle gouge for this purpose. Less expensive than bowl gouges, so save the steel for the inside.)

My list this year? I'm putting the new Michael Gibson DVD on turning teapots on my list. He sells it through his site.

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