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Jeff Smith
When we built the new shop it has nearly all led lighting in it. The work area with 8-foot ceilings (painted white)has 6 four-foot long single tube led fixtures spaced evenly on the roughly 18 foot x 20 foot area. They give off a soft, diffused light that is great for ambient light. There are two large windows and a sliding glass door to augment the light in the daytime. Task lights are adjustable desk lights with led bulbs positionable as needed. All artificial lighting is on the warm side (3500K or less) from personal preference.
The turning area has 12' ceiling sloping down to 8 feet in the front. It has three hanging pendant lights with 4K lumen bulbs. There is a four tube flourescent fixture (the only non-led light in the shop) over the lathe, and task lighting as needed.
All is on the warm/natural light side rather than the 'daylight' balanced light that makes me feel like I'm in a fishbowl. After spending a lot of the last 40 years doing critical color work, I personally feet that the color temperature of the light sources is way more important than the total lumens of output. It's easy to add lumens, getting the balance correct has potentially more influence on your work...

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