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john lucas
Jorge -- I am in the process of building my shop. I found an online dealer called greenlightdepot.com and bought the 8 foot led strip lights. They are over 5000 lumen each, I chose the frosted cover and they are 6000 K in color temp. Best part was the price. If I remember correctly, they were almost $30 each when I got mine and last time I looked they had gone down. If you put the power in the 1st one each of the others plug into the other end with a male/female connection. I have 3 linked together in a row in my building and the building is 20x32ft. I have 4 rows across and 1 over the end where my workbench will be. Another plus is if you spend $100 the shipping is free. They also have all kinds of other LED light.

The building has over 112,000 lumen on the ceiling. I am able to run all of them off of 1 15amp breaker and not even pushing it.

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