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There is one simple rule I have tried to convey on lighting projects over the last 4-5 decades. You have quantity of light and quality of light, one is easy on the pocket book and hard on the eyes, the other is needed if you spend hours each day working in the artificial illuminated area.

The other aspect of newer technology lighting systems is the poor quality of the solid state power supplies that add harmonic distortion to your electrical system. For the average end user this is not a problem, but if you have a large percentage of solid state driven equipment on your electrical system you can incur problems on the electrical systems from harmonic distortion. Many of the newer technology lighting system solid state power supplies can produce 20-25% harmonic distortion on your electrical system, this can cause breakers to trip, switch contacts to heat up, electrical panels heating up, transformers running hot, component failures on other solid state systems. The harmonics tend to target the components in the electrical system that has the lowest impedance in the circuit. This impedance can vary depending on what is running in your facility at that time.

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