Re: Need help with spherical turned elements

Barry Irby
I would go with Mikeee's suggestion.

Make a pattern that matches the diameter of the sphere. (radius at the equator) Make it about a 1/4 of the length of the equator. Then apply it to you piece at a meridian. I have made these by turning a piece of thin plywood on the lathe, cutting the hole to match the diameter and then cut it apart. Of if you have a hole saw the correct size you can use that to make the circle. The point it the pattern has to be an accurate section of a circle. It will reveal those whiskers Alan cut off.

I have made hundreds of spheres by turning it as round as I could and then re-positioning the "poles" on the lathe and using cup centers. Then you cut away the "blur". A fun challenge. What makes it even more interesting is to try to make a perfect sphere of a very specific size. I turned a set of croquette balls out of dogwood. Used a little pattern as mentioned to get them right.

I think the fact that you turn them horizontally and then rotate them to vertical makes it harder to visualize the end result.

Turn four table legs that side by side don't appear anywhere near perfect and then put them on the table and they seem a lot better. If you did a pretty good job nobody but another turner will ever notice and won't care even if they do.

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