Re: Need help with spherical turned elements

Don Evans
You don't really indicate what you perceive as the problem with the one on the left, so I'm going to assume you wish the ball part of it to be more round?
What I see is what affects a lot of beginning turners and that is being afraid of going to far with a cut. If you look at the ball part there appears to be too much material remaining on the top left curve and also too much on the bottom left curve.
So divide the ball into quarters visually, mark the center again and cut more off at first, half way from center toward the top of that quarter then repeat on the lower half segment.
Centering: there should be a pip on the bottom where your live center was, chuck it, bring the center up really close and tap the turning to get the live center "center" again. Then slowly continue to tighten the chuck watching the center mark and tap accordingly. When you have it all tighten again bring the center up tight and take a little off at the time.
Another aid that you can use until you are turning 100 of these per day then you probably will not need it, is too: draw a circle on thick stock and carefully cut it in half then cut along the line to make an arced pattern use this to determine where you need to take off material to round the ball.

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