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Don Stephan

For several years I've been using Pratt & Lambert 38 gloss alkyd varnish, mixed 50-50 with a premium mineral spirits, as a wiping varnish and still love the results. In fact, just put a 2nd coat on 14 magic wands - guess who empowered me to turn them?

Here in Cincinnati I'm able to get quarts of P&L, and have been using it as a wiping varnish on my wooden bowls for several years. At first I was using a danish oil mixed from equal parts BLO, mineral spirits, and P&L 38, but didn't feel the resulting cured finish was sufficiently durable. My daily milk and cornflakes red oak cereal bowl now has been washed every day for 23 months and shows no water damage. On bowls, five coats usually builds to a nice satin or semi gloss. With a small piece of muslin, I'll rub the wiping varnish over the entire surface three times, then wipe as dry as possible with clean paper towels and let cure overnight. After that first coat, I'll apply three additional coats per day (10 am, 1:30 pm, 6 pm) until I get the desired sheen.

Used to lose part of every can to premature gelling, but I purchased some Stop Loss bags last June and so far no gelling. The bags hold a quart, and I'm guessing I still have 2/3 of that quart with no gelling. A 2nd bag holds small quantities of the varnish mixed 50-50 with the mineral spirits.

P&L 38 probably is available in additional sheens besides gloss.

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