Re: Those overhead box filters are......

John K Jordan
>>>....totally not optimal for collecting dust from turning.

You are absolutely right. However, as an auxiliary aid I find the air cleaner great for clearing out fine dust that was missed, dust which may float in the air for some time.

I'm always amazed at how much the nozzle behind the lathe picks up. While sanding a spindle I've watched fine dust from almost 2' down the lathe travel horizontally to the pickup. I see fines and shavings coming off the tool towards me make a u-turn and get sucked into the pickup. (5hp ClearVue cyclone.) But it certainly doesn't get all of it. I still wear a respirator.

My Dylos particulate counter indicated suspended dust is cleared from the air much faster when the air filter is running. I particularly liked it before I had a good cyclone and caught almost none of the fine dust. I could leave the shop and come back later and the air would be clean and I could work without a respirator until I make some more dust.


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