AAW - Portland

Joe Fleming
I returned home from Portland last night. Drove both ways. As a solo vendor, I can't really leave the trade show, so I only hung out there. As I wondered around the trade show, a couple of things struck me as compared to my first show in 2003.

1 - It is amazing how many new scraping tools are on the market. Carbide or not, there seemed to be a lot of them.
2 - The "big guys" did not show in force. Packard hasn't been to a show in a few years. Peachtree wasn't there. Craft Supplies only took orders for subsequent shipping.
3 - Only one wood vendor and their booth was small.

I tried to enter the instant gallery, and I turned around as soon as I entered. I needed at least two hours in there and I didn't have it. It was HUGE. Good for you if you brought something to share.

Thanks to all who came by to say hello and/or shop.


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