Dr Sara Robinson book

John K Jordan

I bought that (big) book when it was released and it is fascinating reading. I had no idea how extensively spalted wood was used over the centuries solely for the permanent colors specific fungi leave behind.

I also found it interesting that we who shape wood think of spalting as the wonderful black lines. She explains how the spalting is actually the volume between the lines. The lines, called "zone lines", are impenetrable walls of defense erected by a fungal colony when it encounters a competing colony while advancing through the wood The two enemies might have come from different spores or even where one colony branched then met up again.

Dr Robinson provides details on how to spalt wood starting with pure fungal sources but I don't remember specific advice on the method that would interest woodturners, but it's been a while since I've looked through the book - I'll try to look for that soon. I did save a forum discussion on spalting by standing log sections on the ground - I think I can find that.


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