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You can purchase specific strains of fungus from Sara Robinson to spalt wood with. If you have shavings left over from other spalted pieces of wood you can find a spot in your garden and turn the wood chips into the ground and add water and mix the soil around. This will help add the fungus spores to the soil and you can place your pieces of wood end grain down into the soil and cover it with black plastic. If the soil gets dried out or is exposed to direct sun light you will limit the spore growth. You can also do this by putting the soil in a plastic bag or bucket and placing this in a shaded location and keep it from drying out by adding a little water if it looks like it is drying out. Do not use city water as this is usually chlorinated or fluorinated which fungus spores do not like. If you want a specific color of spalting you can boil the wood first and let it cool down and then inoculate it with the spores you have purchased and place the wood in a sterilized bed of soil that has also been sterilized by steam or boiling. This process is very similar to growing mushrooms if you are familiar with that process. Wild spore spalting can produce various results depending on the spores that are in your soils. Inoculating the wood is done by painting the liquid spores onto the end grain of the wood pieces and keeping them in a proper damp and warm environment.

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