Re: Butterfly Joints (pewas)

I sand down the pewa that is proud of the surface because turning or chiseling it down may cause the wood to fracture along its grain and end up below the surface, which is a finishing problem. Install the patches after turning and sanding, but not after applying any oil, because the hot wax will not adhere to the oily wood and the template will shift around or just come off. Repositioning a shifted template is problematic. On a platter shape, if the crack goes through the wood, you can make the pewa on top and bottom by extending the 1/8" straight bit through the wood thickness. Then you can use two butterflies, one on the top and one on the bottom in the same hole cut from the bottom only. The bit will not extend much more than 7/16", if that, and the laser cut pewas are about 1/4" thick. The templates will usually work on the outside of a bowl only, except perhaps on a flat platter.

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