Re: Honey locust lightning strike

AZ in Colorado Springs
About 1990, we were living on the air force academy. On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, as we were sitting down to supper, lightning hit the tree located about 25 feet from the back door. I was just turning on the kitchen light and I was facing the back window, about 2' x 2'. I felt a tingle in my fingertips and the window became pure white for an instant. The TV in the living room went silent.

The tree had a bare section about 6' x 6" and there was bark lying on the ground.

The dog was on the back porch at the time. She never got with 20' of that tree ever again. I think she considered it possessed.

I guess this could've turned out a lot worse. (The TV required one new part--it was an inexpensive repair.)

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