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John C Lucas
Somewhere there is one but i dont know where. Its not hard but there is one tricky element. Screw the jaws all the way in. On the outside of one of the inner jaw slides there is a roll.pin that has been pressed in to keep you from o er extending the jaws. I clamp.a pair of needle nose vice grips on that roll pin and tap on the pliers to get the pin out. Once thats out you can screw the inner jaw slides all the way out. Puting them back in after cleaning is interesting. With the back removed.and the jaw slides out you should be able to clean everything that needs cleaning. When you have the back off sometimes the pins that hold the pinion gears.can fall out so be careful.
To put the jaws back in start with jaw #1. Before you insert the jaw look in the opening and crank the huck key to.spin the.ring gear. It spins counter clockwise. You will see the start of the ring gear spiral. Back up slightly and inser the 1st jaw. Crank the chuck.key clockwise until.you see the beginning of the ring gear in the next opening ounter clockwise. Insert jaw 2. Keep this up until you have them all inserted. Crank the key until the outside of all the inserts are.flush with the chuch body. If they are rank it in further a d insert the roll pin. Now your done.

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