Finished a Walnut bowl *PIC*

john lucas
Got so frustrated with Imovie so i went to the shop and finished this bowl. This was done entirely with the Hunter Viceroy. It was very fast to rough shape it. I made a video showing how I did it. Now if I can just figure out how to post it after I edit the thing. I roughed it out with the cutter flat. Then did a pass while rubbing the bevel to clean it up. Had one small area on the inside that I shear scraped using the Viceroy tool with the cutter facing the wood. The bowl is 7" wide and 5mm thick except for right at the bottom that I left 7mm to give it a little more weight there since I wanted the foot quite small. Finished with 2 coats of minwax wipe on poly and buffed with the Beale system using 4" wheels.
Yesterday I had new turner come over. He had never had a tool in his hand. I showed him how to use the Viceroy and made a few suggestions along the way. He wasn't ready for bevel rubbing so the finish was not up to the same quality as it could be. He started sanding with 120. Except for 3 small places he could have started with 150. Anyway I wish I had photographed that bowl because he did a spectacular job. I did coach him on the shape and pushed him a little on the sanding showing how to get rid of small tearout areas. That bowl looks like he's been turning for years.

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Finished a Walnut bowl *PIC*
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