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john in lutz
I have a 80 volt Kobalt from Lowes. $299 with battery. I bought it on sale with an additional battery free. You will want at least two batteries to have a spare ready. 18 inch cut and I have cut a good bit of oak without problem. I do not know how long the battery last as I rarely cut for a long time and I have never run one battery down. Reason I went with the Kobalt was I already had the 80 volt Kobalt string trim which accepts my edger, pole trimmer, and hedge cutter. I replaced all of my gas cutters and power heads with these electric ones. I hate that all of these manufactures do not have interchangeable batteries. Maybe only issue is the weight of the battery. The unit may end up little heavier than the gas ones. However it seemed like I was always having to the gas heads serviced or replaced. Now not only do you not have to pull but they are always ready to go.

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