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john lucas
I cut a lot of cherry up into blanks for boxes and spindles and mirror blanks last year. I left them about 28" long and cut them into squares from4x4, 3x3 down to x1 and mirror blanks were 1"x 6". Sealed the ends with anchorseal and put them in my wood shed that has pretty high moisture level as when it rains hard water flows through. Of course when it's dry it gets pretty warm in there. Anyway I haven't lost a single piece. that was a year ago. I've turned several spindles from the 2x2 pieces with no problem and they have dried about a year. I turned a couple of boxes from the 3x3. Roughed them out leaving the walls a good a fat 1/2" and let them dry in the shop for a month. Then final turned them. No problem. Usually when I want boxes from wood that I suspect is still green I dry the blanks in the microwave with many low power cycles over a day or so.

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