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Tony - Memphis
Thought I'd jump in with a different perspective. I am not a turner. I am a furniture builder. I love the EZ tools. I bought them after I had been using regular tools for a while. I don't have the same issue with surface finish and I certainly don't start with 80 grit! (don't own any!). I never really thought of them as a way to avoid sharpening. I can see that I guess.

To qualify, 90% of what I turn is spindle work - furniture parts. I have never had the time to become proficient with turning tools like most of the folks here have. The EZ tools are a quick way to achieve the results I need. Sometimes, they are nice to use for cleaning up a cove or a sharp detail that I am not skilled enough to do with a gouge (and not risk ruining the piece). Can't say that I've ever used them for a whole job - I use a mix of them with the regular tools. Can't say I wouldn't be ok without them either! I do like them though. I also use a beader and a few small coving tools that I made (scrapers too I guess).

I have to agree that I would suggest a beginner use their money on a good set of gouges for their versatility. I enjoy watching the good turners do amazing things with one gouge! That's talent!


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