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Donna Banfield
The EZ-Wood tools were designed to get someone woodturning without the sometimes steep learning curve of knowing how to use the traditional bevel rubbing tools without catches. And they do the job.

However, they are a scraper. And while they will remove wood, it doesn't leave a very good surface. Certainly not as clean that you can get with proper presentation of a very sharp spindle or bowl gouge. You will do a lot of sanding.

I do not include the Hunter carbide tools in this category. They can scrape, but can also be used as a cutting tool, with the proper presentation. John Lucas has some great videos in YouTube that explain how to use the Hunter Tools.

My opinion: the EZ Wood tools should not be the only tools on your tool rack. When my beginner students ask about them, I give them this analogy - when you were a kid, did you have training wheels on your bike? If they say yes, I then ask - what happened when your parents took them off? Did you fall and get hurt, (until you learned how to ride without them?) And did you initially want the training wheels back on your bike? That's kinda what using the EZ Wood tools will be like for the beginner.

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