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john kaner
Real can of worms... Years ago they got started on I.A.P. the penturner's site. They were very friendly for new turners. Out of the box and scrape away... They were a good choice for those who chose not to learn to sharpen regular tools. Their start was the indexable heads on spiral shaft joiners and planers. Dull edge, loosen and rotate to new side. Get a chip, rotate to new side. Inexpensive 12 cutters for less than $20.00. All kinds of directions for making your own. Even kits from capn eddie... I did and very disappointing. Eats wood and after you need to start sanding with rough sandpaper and then move to 80 grit.

I won a benefit auction here and received some beautiful Hunter tools. Thanks to John K. Jordan. He was kind enough to enclose some very appreciated items.

They do hog off wood and make for quick bark removal. Then move to your regular tools. Less sanding and who doesn't like that?

IAP was first time I heard 80 grit gouge...

Just my 2 cents....

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