Tool auction?
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John K Jordan
>>>You should try a tool auction once a year...

Does your club do that every year? How much has it brought into the club in say, the last 5 years? Maybe some other clubs do this every year and can provide some numbers.

I don't think it would work well around here, at least not every year. I suspect we would not get enough high-quality donated tools to make it worthwhile year after year. I personally would have nothing to donate - all my "spare" tools have long been sold, given away, or sold at benefit auctions, some right here on WoodCentral. Might be different if chucks and CBN wheels grew on trees.

Spare wood in the "forest belt" is different since it's free if you have the time and energy. It's the processing into turning blanks that makes it valuable, the thing some turners can't easily do.

And the darn woodturners around here have a nasty habit of turning a beautiful blank into sawdust then wanting another. Yikes, it's a viscous cycle!

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