Raffle or auction?
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John K Jordan
>>>I don't know if your club already does this but we do a wood and other misc items raffle at every club meeting to raise funds for the club.

Both clubs I attend sell tickets for a raffle every month and raise a few dollars. The raffles are usually for donated wood, mostly log sections. We have separate raffles for scholarships to Arrowmont and John C Campbell. One club also auctions miscellaneous items which sometimes bring in a few more dollars.

The annual wood auction in Knoxville is a larger and more focused event - we dedicate the entire evening. Last year I think we raised over $1600. Much of the total was due to the volume since individual lots usually go for reasonable amounts. (I combine things into lots on the fly with an eye on the clock.)

Unlike the monthly wood raffles, we are more strict on what can be donated - for example, no logs, no firewood, no junk. Those of us who donate bring useful blanks ready to mount on the lathe.


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