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John K Jordan
>>> ...I purchased the cutter separately from AZ Carbide and used it on my homemade hollowing rig. I used a 10mm cutter and found it to cut fairly smooth on end grain but a little rougher on the side grain. It takes some practice to get the cutter angled correctly for a smooth cut. But I will definitely use the Hunter cutter again and even purchased a 12mm cutter which I think is the #5.

In the bevel-rubbing mode the Hunter cutter should leave a glass-like surface in fine-grained wood even in side grain. (I'm talkin' dry wood here if that matters) I've turned small things that required zero sanding and other things that needed to start with 600 paper.

These are the Hunter cutter sizes:
#1 - 0.236" 6mm
#2 - 0.315" 8mm
#3 - 0.394" 10mm
#4 - 0.472" 12mm
#5 - same as #3

BTW, although the AZ Carbide people display the words "HUNTER TOOL SYSTEMS ™" on the top of the web page I wonder if they are an authorized reseller of Hunter cutter bits. I don't see where they explicitly state these are Hunter cutters. Maybe they mean that their cutters will fit Hunter tools. It would be interesting to know if they are the same sharpness, quality, or even the same material.

For the #4 cutter, for example, they list:

This cutter fits #4 Hunter Tool
12mm (.480”) Diameter
M4 x .7 x 10mm Mounting Screw Supplied

I see their stated diameter is larger than what Hunter lists. (could be rounded off) Could you possibly measure your cutters to check?

It would be interesting to compare one of their cutters to one from Mike Hunter, both in profile, sharpness, durability, material, and finish. I think I'll order one to compare. I tried calling but got a voice mail.


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