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john lucas
I would suggest a Hunter #4. You can bevel rub across the bottom and then shear scrape up the side. If you put some rubber bands around the outside it cuts down all the chatter and you can really get a clean shear scrape near the lip. The #5 is also good. I use them alternatively and not really sure which is better. lean toward the #5. It has a smaller cutter and sometimes leaves a cleaner finish on tearout prone woods. I barely have to sand the inside of my boxes anymore. I can finish the bottom to almost 600 grit and the sides to 220 or 320. I usually hit the inside lightly with sandpaper to make it look more even. I don't hollow the box with these tools although you could. I find it much faster to use a spindle gouge. Then I do the final passes with the Hunter. I've changed how I scrape the sides a little bit. I actually did it somewhat in the video starting at 6:40. Used to be I would pull the tool out roughly parallel to the side with the cutter facing the wood. This is a scrape kind of like using the skew as a scraper. I found that if you swing the handle to the right it moves the cut from 6 oclock to about 7:30 on the cutter. This is now more of a shear scraper and leaves a finer finish.

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