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Bill Blasic
I have used Starbond for years. I only use thin as the shelf life of thick CA is not very long in comparison to thin. Medium is slightly better than thick. I did an article for the American Woodturner in 2011 and had over 30 different CA glues. All stated a 1 year shelf life except Titebond which stated a two year shelf life. After the review all were kept in the freezer (some still are). I had in two cases where even being in the freezer the thick solidified. I buy my thin in 16 ounce bottles and keep them in the freezer and they have a very long shelf life there. I more or less only use CA anymore as a finish or for mixing saw dust to fill cracks. If I need to stick two pieces of wood together I use 5 minute epoxy. In reality with all those different CA glues I have used I have not found one significantly better than another. I use Starbond mainly because they are at every AAW Symposium and I can buy two 16 ounce bottles there and do not worry about shipping. I'm sure that like all woodturning things everybody has their favorites.

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