Amazing work, John
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earliest bowls *PIC* ()

Ellis Walentine
You've had the knack ever since day one it seems. That segmented work is very clean and graceful, and your creativity with hand mirrors was in full bloom even then.

I wish I had some evidence of my first pieces, but I know for a fact that they weren't anywhere near your level of accomplishment. I got my first lathe -- a little Delta Rockwell 12 x 36 benchtop model -- and my first set of turning tools (Craftsman) for my 10th birthday, and I learned to turn from a couple Delta books and some old Deltagrams that had been passed down from my grandfather. It wasn't until David Ellsworth moved into our neighborhood, around 1980, that I started to turn seriously and learned to use bowl gouges. As much as I love turning, I regret that I have been too preoccupied over the years to spend more time exploring and mastering the craft. Maybe in my dotage...

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