my earliest bowls *PIC*
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earliest bowls *PIC* ()

John K Jordan
Good fun! Good work and clever design. I've never made a segmented anything.

I found pictures of my early bowl attempts. No Shopsmith. I wanted to make something for my son in architecture school so I went to Home Depot and asked if they had any lathes. It was one of those horrible Craftsman tube lathe clones. A set of tools from Sears and I was ready. I learned about turning from the back of the printed manual that came with the lathe. I made the one thing I bought it for, turned some spindles, then let it gather dust.

One day I decided I was gonna make me a bowl. I glued up circles cut from a Red Oak board and turned a marginally passable bowl as an experiment. I didn't have a bowl gouge. It was probably terrible. My sister loved it.

Then I bought a Jet 1642, found thicker piece of what I think was cherry, and turned my first "real" bowl:

This bowl from Eastern Red Cedar was my second. It was on this bowl I first started using cabinet scrapers instead of coarse sandpaper after discovering heat from the sandpaper caused tiny checks in the cedar.

My first hand scraper for the lathe, cut from the end of a curved cabinet scraper:

Third bowl. I started trying to take better photos.

Since this thread has bowls and mirrors, here are some made a couple of years later from wormy American Chestnut:


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