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John K Jordan
When I demonstrate the cuts it is with the lathe running at the speed I usually use for that cut, sometimes wide open for spindles. The purpose of this is to get them to understand what we can do with that tool, sort of the goal.

I do occasionally show a cut with the lathe turned by hand but for that I just hold the tool in one hand and turn the lathe myself.

I also forgot to mention that when we work on spindle gouges and bowl gouges as well as letting them try various sizes and grinds I introduce one of the Hunter carbide tools into the mix, usually the small Hercules. I show both the scraping mode and the bevel-rubbing mode and the difference in the surfaces you can get.

By that time I would not go back to turning the lathe by hand unless they has a problem, which so far has been never. (Maybe John Lucas will tell how he introduces them - I think he has used them with a class of beginners, in the scraping mode.) After using a Hunter for a bit on face turnings, some people reach for it a lot. I showed one friend the other day and he immediately called and ordered some. For my own turning I sometimes use the Hunters exclusively for certain operations.


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