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George Guadiane
I sell at shows - well, I TRY to sell at shows, but Charlie Croteau helped me get connected to the Free Wheelchair Mission. I think it's a Christian organization, I'm not religious, but they do GREAT work
There are lots more organizations that would welcome your help.
I do a few shows a year. At the last one, a nice young boy and his mother cane into the booth. I SUGGEST that children handle my work (carefully). He was truly interested and handled a number of pieces.
I had a walnut triangle box that was not quite good enough to sell, so I hauled it out of the back and handed it to him telling him it was a gift.
His mother's eyes welled up and she mouthed "thank you" as if I had just given him a free college education or something.
I just gave away 100+ pen kits and probably 1000+ pen blanks to different local clubs that make pens for returning veterans (I do NOT turn pens). That felt nice, but the look in that mother's eyes will be hard to beat.

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