Re: articulated carving/finishing post

John C Lucas
I have the Best woodtools articulating carving stand. I use it a lot. I just carved the Yin Yang mirror on it. It has advantages and disadvantages. It has a seperate rotating head. Sometimes i really like it. When doing repetitive cuts around a piece its wonderful because the piece sgays at the same angle. With a single handle carving stand everything flops when released and you ha e to reposition it. Sometimes the single lever is better and sometimes i prefer the double lever. One thing that you have to learn with the BWT carving stand is the tilting part has to be set so.that any downward force will tighten the locking screw. Not a problem since the head rotates seperately. If you lock it the other way the downward force breaks it loose and the piece falls over. Thats not good but you learn quickly to avoid it. I think i would like a pneumatic foot locking carving stand but thats probably out of my price range if anyone makes one.

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