agree no oils *PIC*
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macassar ebony finish ()

GaryG in MD
I don't like the yellowing from oils.

Just buffed wax, per JKJ is good. I use carnauba. If it's not going to be handled much, I stop there. If it will be handled, I add Ren Wax on top. I find this actually dulls the shine a bit, but it will hold up a lot better to fingerprinting.

A surface treatment would be real lacquer. I'm not a fan of water-based. My way to do lacquer on something like this is to use Mylands Sanding Sealer. That's lacquer. Use the usual precautions to avoid breathing the fumes. But it's way too thick, so I dilute it 50-50 with lacquer thinner. Some say that mineral spirits also works, but if you have lacquer thinner, you may as well use it. This is my new pen finish of choice since I've had trouble with my CA cracking. It takes a little more time, but I like the way it turns out. Attached is spalted maple burl cigar pen done with it. The photo is horribly out of focus, but you can see the color and shine. ...GG

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