Best Wood Tools

John K Jordan
Excellent products! I think one guy makes everything so you may not always get "amazon prime" delivery gratification but the quality of everything I've bought from them has been top notch.

One of my favorite buys is the articulated carving post/stand. I have used it for carving but even more for hand scraping/sanding/finishing - while the piece is in the chuck take it off the lathe and mount it on the stand held in the banjo. The design of this one is far better than others I've seen for woodturnings since a separate locking lever allows 360-deg rotation around the axis of the piece while keeping the tilt the same. This is far better than the awkward 2-lever juggling method for simple axial rotation.

http://bestwoodtools.stores.yahoo.net/arcaandfipow.html (and no, I have no connection other than being a satisfied customer)

I like the box rest too, but don't care as much for the tool rests made from round rods, although very well made. The Baxter threading jig is possibly the best available although the cost is high. Unlike those that mount in the banjo, no height or parallel alignment is needed - it is always perfect. (I mount it on a second lathe so I can turn on one and thread on the other.)


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